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  • California Housing Market Crash

    Expert Predictions for a California Housing Market Crash in 2024

    Most experts believe a 2024 California housing market crash is unlikely. The C.A.R. forecast sees a recovery next year as mortgage rates drop and inventory expands. However, Forbes highlights an ongoing affordability crisis stemming from high interest rates and inflated prices that restrict first-time home buying. Moreover, Forbes notes severely limited supply suggests demand will continue outpacing inventory despite expected…

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  • time limit on selling inherited property

    Inherited Property: Are There Any Legal Time Limits to Sell?

    Inheriting property can bring financial relief or additional stress, depending on your situation. If you have received an inherited home or land, you may be wondering if you need to sell it within a certain timeframe. The answer is no – there is no time limit on selling inherited property. Once you go through probate and legally inherit the property,…

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  • 72 sold charge

    How Much Does 72SOLD Charge in Commissions? A Close Look

    72SOLD is an innovative real estate company that connects home sellers directly with buyers to sell their home without paying the traditional real estate agent commissions. 72SOLD charges sellers an average commission fee between 5-6% to sell their home. This can result in thousands of dollars in savings compared to the traditional real estate agent commission of 5-6% for the…

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  • Companies That Buy Houses for Cash

    The Best Companies That Buy Houses for Cash in 2024

    Selling your house quickly for cash can be an attractive option if you need to move soon or want to avoid the hassles of a traditional sale. Many companies now specialize in buying houses fast with all-cash offers. While these quick home buyers make it easy to sell fast, you also may not get top dollar for your property. It’s…

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  • invest in tax yields

    How to Boost Tax Yields Through Smart Investing in 2024

    Taxes are an inevitable part of life. As an investor, the taxes you pay on investment income can significantly impact your overall returns. While you can’t completely eliminate taxes, you can take steps to help reduce and optimize the taxes you pay through strategic investment choices – a concept known as tax-efficient investing. In this blog post, we’ll explore what…

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  • Calculate Net Operating Income

    How to Calculate Net Operating Income

    Net operating income (NOI) is a crucial financial metric used to assess the profitability of real estate investments. It represents the income generated by a property after deducting all operating expenses directly related to its operation. NOI is a key indicator of a property’s cash flow potential and is widely used by investors, lenders, and appraisers to evaluate investment opportunities.…

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  • Meaning of Net Operating Income

    What is The Meaning of Net Operating Income

    Financial analysts and property managers frequently employ a crucial metric known as net operating income (NOI). This financial indicator provides a clear picture of a property’s profitability before considering financing costs and taxes. Understanding NOI is essential for evaluating the potential return on investment for income-producing properties. Definition of Net Operating Income Net operating income, often abbreviated as NOI, represents…

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  • Bi Monthly Mean

    What Does Bi Monthly Mean?

    The term “bimonthly” often sparks confusion, as it can be misinterpreted in various contexts. While it’s commonly associated with making payments twice a month, it’s crucial to distinguish it from the term “biweekly,” which involves making half-payments every two weeks. To avoid any misunderstandings, let’s delve into the true meaning of bimonthly payments in real estate. What Does Bimonthly Mean…

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  • Buy Investment Property With No Money Down

    How to Buy Investment Property With No Money Down

    Real estate investment can be a lucrative way to build wealth. However, the upfront cost of a down payment can be a major obstacle for many people. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to buy investment property with no money down. How to Buy Investment Property With No Money Down 1. Explore Government-Backed Loan Programs The U.S. government offers…

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  • Self Directed IRA Real Estate

    What is Self Directed IRA in Real Estate?

    A self-directed IRA is a type of retirement account that allows you to invest in a wider range of assets than a traditional IRA, including real estate. This can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and potentially earn higher returns. However, it is important to do your research and understand the risks involved before investing in real estate…

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