The Real Cost of Building a Home in Wyoming in 2024

In Wyoming, the average cost to build a home is about $109 per square foot. A 2,000 square foot home will cost about $218,000 to build However, total costs range from the low end of $200,000 to $400,000 or more for larger high-end homes, depending on factors such as location, property type, materials and labor. The entire custom home building process typically spans 9-12 months.

Key Takeaways

  • Average per square foot building cost is $109
  • The cost typically ranges from $100 to $250 per square foot. 
  • 2,000 sq ft home costs $218,000 to build
  • Total range is $200,000 – $400,000
  • Location, property type, materials & labor influence costs
  • Timeframe to build a custom home is typically take 9-12 month

The Average Cost Building a Home in Wyoming

According to Forbes, building a new house in Wyoming on average costs $145.21 per square foot. This means that constructing a 2,000 square foot home would cost around $290,420. Total budgets range from $300,000 to over $500,000 depending on factors like location, property type, custom materials and finishes. Costs can also rise with labor shortages and demand in certain real estate markets across the state. But with careful planning, building a house in Wyoming can be an affordable investment.

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Average Cost Based On Square Footage in Wyoming

Square FootageAverage Cost Ranges
500 sq ft$54,500 – $125,000
1000 sq ft$109,000 – $250,000
1500 sq ft$163,500 – $375,000
2000 sq ft$218,000 – $500,000
2500 sq ft$272,500 – $625,000
3000 sq ft$327,000 – $750,000
3500 sq ft$381,500 – $875,000
4000 sq ft$436,000 – $1,000,000
4500 sq ft$490,500 – $1,125,000
5000 sq ft$545,000 – $1,250,000

Average Cost to Build a House in Wyoming by City

City/CountyAverage Building Costs per Sq. Ft.
Rock Springs$120
Jackson Hole$400 – $500+ (Luxury market)

Estimated Cost to Build a Home in Wyoming by Number of Bedrooms

BedroomsEstimated Cost (excluding land)

Estimated Cost to Build a Home in Wyoming by Number of Stories

StoriesEstimated Cost Range (excluding land)
1$150,000 – $350,000
2$200,000 – $450,000
3$300,000 – $600,000
4$400,000 – $800,000
5$500,000 – $1,000,000+

Estimated Cost to Build a 2,000 sq ft Home in Wyoming by Style

StyleEstimated Cost
Two-Story Colonial$375,000
Log Cabin$435,000

The Average Cost to Build a House Across The US State

South Dakota$204,420
South Carolina$301,840
Rhode Island$338,180
North Dakota$212,500
New York$360,180
New Mexico$290,940
New Hampshire$299,900
North Carolina$301,500

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Cost Breakdown of Building a House in Wyoming

Land Acquisition Costs

The starting point when building a custom home is purchasing a lot or piece of land to construct on. Cost per acre in Wyoming ranges dramatically based on location. Rural farmland can sell for $1,000-$2,000 per acre. In popular recreational areas near mountains or national parks, acreage can cost $10,000 or higher.

You’ll also need to factor in costs to survey property lines, develop access roads, and extend utility connections to your site. These prep work expenses can tally $5,000-$10,000 or more.

So overall, plan on a bare minimum of $15,000 just to purchase and prepare a building lot in Wyoming. In more desirable areas, land ready-to-build can easily top $100,000.

Permitting & Fees

Before breaking ground on a new house, there are permitting costs and fees required by county and state government. Typical expenses include:

  • Building Permit – $500-$2,000
  • Impact Fees – Cover public infrastructure like roads, schools. Can reach $10,000.
  • Utility Fees – Connecting to water, sewer, electric. $1,000-$5,000.
  • Well & Septic Permit – If not on public utility lines. $2,000+

Plan on at least $5,000 for essential permits and taxes to start construction. Costs rise the larger and more complex a build.

Construction Labor

Skilled labor makes up a significant portion of any new custom home build budget. In Wyoming, a general contractor may charge 10-25% of total construction costs. The construction labor on a $300,000 house would tally $30,000-$75,000 for a GC to oversee the project.

Here are typical hourly wages for essential construction trades in Wyoming:

  • Electrician – $30-$50
  • Plumber – $35-$55
  • Carpenter – $25-$40
  • Equipment Operator – $25-$35

For labor on a 2,000 square foot home, expect around $75,000 in framing, electrical, plumbing, roofing, and finish carpentry costs. Higher end custom builds with complex features can reach $200,000 or more in labor expenses.

Building Materials

Once permitting and prep work is complete, it’s time to purchase materials to frame, roof, side, finish, and landscape a new Wyoming home.

As a baseline, basic frame construction with siding may run $50-$100 per square foot. Upgrading to stone, brick, or log cabin style can boost per square foot charges to $200+.

Here are typical material costs for a mid-range quality 2,000 square foot home:

  • Lumber Package (framing) – $30,000
  • Roofing – $15,000
  • Windows – $12,000
  • External Siding – $15,000
  • Internal Drywall – $8,000
  • Flooring – $9,000
  • Cabinetry & Counters – $13,000
  • Lighting & Hardware – $5,000
  • Appliances – $7,000
  • Landscaping – $12,000

In total, allow $125-$200 per square foot for quality building materials to complete an average 2,000 square foot Wyoming home.

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Additional Wyoming Home Building Costs

Beyond the main categories above, finishing a house requires many details and specialties. Here are some final budget items to keep in mind:

  • HVAC System – Properly heating and cooling a Wyoming home is crucial with extreme weather swings. Allow $15,000 or more for equipment and ductwork.
  • Insulation – Essential for energy efficiency and home value. Foam or fiberglass installation runs $1-$5 per square foot.
  • Septic System – If no municipal sewer access, $10,000-30,000 for underground tanks and leach fields.
  • Well Drilling – In rural areas, plan on $10-$30 per foot drilled depth plus pumping system.
  • Driveway – Gravel is cheapest at $2-$4 per square foot. Asphalt runs $6-$12; concrete $8-$15 per square foot.
  • Landscaping – Professionally clearing, grading and planting lots can cost $10,000 to $30,000+.

Total Cost to Build a House in Wyoming

So in summary, you can budget $100-$150 per square foot to construct an average custom home in Wyoming. Simple single-level builds may tally closer to $100 per square foot. Large luxury homes with premium materials and features can exceed $250 per square foot.

For a 2,000 square foot house in Wyoming, total budgets would run:

  • Basic Frame Home – $200,000
  • Typical 2-Story Home – $218,000
  • Upscale Mountain Cabin – $400,000

Key Factors That Influence Building Costs

Several key factors influence the overall expense of constructing a home in Wyoming:


Building costs can vary drastically depending on which part of Wyoming you choose. Property in popular areas near Yellowstone National Park or Jackson Hole will be much more expensive than rural locations.

Property Type

The type of home also impacts costs. Multi-story houses, large homes over 2,500 square feet, and those with basements or many custom features will all cost more per square foot.


Using higher-end building materials like stone, brick, or imported lumber drives up home construction costs quickly. Opting for more affordable siding, roofing, flooring, and framing materials can save substantially.


Labor shortages in the construction industry have caused labor costs to rise in many parts of Wyoming in recent years. This can add tens of thousands to the final building expenses.

Ways to Reduce Cost

Here are some key ways to reduce costs when building a house in Wyoming:

  • Choose affordable building materials rather than premium options
  • Opt for a simple square or rectangular layout to reduce waste
  • Build a modular or manufactured home instead of stick-built
  • Limit custom features and finishes
  • Get quotes from multiple general contractors
  • Act as your own project manager to oversee construction
  • Purchase land in a rural or remote area to save on property costs
  • Size HVAC systems carefully to match needs and maximize efficiency
  • Install energy-efficient windows, insulation and appliances
  • Delay non-essential ornamental trims and features for later phase
  • Shop around with subcontractors and suppliers for best pricing

The Building Process

  1. Find and purchase suitable land to build on
  2. Hire an architect to create design plans & drawings
  3. Obtain all necessary building permits & approvals
  4. Prepare the land by clearing, grading & installing utilities
  5. Install roofing, siding, windows, doors & other exterior finishes
  6. Run electrical, plumbing & HVAC systems throughout house
  7. Insulate & install drywall on interior walls & ceilings
  8. Finish out the home with flooring, cabinets, countertops etc.
  9. Have final inspections completed to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy
  10. Do final landscaping, driveway & sidewalk installation
  11. Close out the construction loan and make arrangements to move in!

Timeline to Build a House in Wyoming

  • Land Acquisition – 1-3 months to purchase property and finalize sale
  • Design & Permitting – 2-4 months to complete architectural plans and obtain local building permits
  • Site Prep – 1-2 months for surveying, clearing land, installing utilities
  • Construction – 6-8 months to frame, roof, side, finish interior; speeddepends on size
  • Landscaping & Move-in – 1-2 months for driveways, walkways, grading plus final cleanings and inspections

Financing Your Wyoming Home Build

Construction Loans

  • Specialized loans covering build costs in segments as work completes
  • Typically convert to permanent mortgages after completion

USDA Loans

  • 100% financing with no down payment for rural properties
  • Low rates and flexible credit guidelines

VA Loans

  • 100% financing no down payment for qualifying veterans
  • Limited eligibility requirements

Conventional Mortgages

  • Typically require 10-20% down payment
  • Better rates for 720+ credit scores

Cash/Line of Credit

  • Avoid financing costs and custom build schedules
  • Require sufficient liquid funds or equity

Benefits of Building Your Own Home in Wyoming 

  • Customization – Design a floorplan matching your family’s lifestyle and preferences. Personalize colours, finishes and features.
  • Cost Savings – Build equity by completing some portions yourself. Optimise energy efficiency lowering lifetime bills.
  • Flexibility – Stage construction to spread major costs over time. Prioritise key elements first.
  • Appreciation – Building in growth areas often yields higher property value gains long-term.
  • Scenic Locations – Wyoming offers beautiful rustic sites to build your dream mountain retreat or ranch.
  • Low Taxes – No personal or corporate income tax and reasonable property tax levels.

Working With Wyoming Homebuilders

Selecting the right homebuilder is key to a smooth construction process and quality finished home. Thoroughly research potential contractors upfront and verify they have strong reputations for communication, transparency around pricing, and delivering professional grade work on schedule.

Schedule initial consultations with 2-3 top prospects to gauge responsiveness and explore creative ideas matching your vision while staying within budgets. The best builders welcome collaboration and input while providing wisdom from years of local market/climate experience. Compare bids in detail accounting for material types, warranty coverage and labor investment.

Ensure contracts clearly outline payment terms tied to construction milestones, change order allowances, and contingency plans for unforeseen delays. Reputable Wyoming builders concentrate on customer satisfaction through open dialogue fostering trust in their guidance from breaking ground to closing with all local codes and inspections handled smoothly. Leverage positive referrals around fulfillment and service over the total lifespan of your home.

Building vs. Buying a House: Key Differences

Here is a comparison of the key differences between building vs buying a house:

Building a House

  • Fully customise floor plan, finishes, features
  • Potentially lower long-term cost
  • Flexibility on construction schedule/process
  • No existing defects or renovations needed
  • Must secure financing, land, contractors

Buying a House

  • Limited control over existing home layout/design
  • Often faster to move in ready-made home
  • Inspections identify necessary renovations
  • Established neighbourhood and community
  • May compete with other buyers if inventory low

The tradeoffs primarily come down to the time investment and work involved with building versus the convenience and speed of buying an existing home. Budget also plays a role as constructing from scratch allows greater lifetime value while buying enables tackling deferred maintenance costs upfront. Determine which priorities align closer with your Wyoming homeownership goals.

Cost to Build a House If You Already Own The Land

If you already own the land, building a house in Wyoming will cost an average of $100-$250 per square foot depending on the location, plus additional expenses for utility connections, landscaping, etc. So for a modest 1,500 square foot home, estimated construction costs would total around $150,000-$375,000. Larger or higher-end houses range from $200,000-$500,000+ to erect. Having the land secured provides savings on not only the site acquisition but also infrastructure like well, septic and utility hookups.

Is it Cheaper to Buy or Build in Wyoming

Yes, it is generally cheaper to build rather than buy a similarly sized house in Wyoming when accounting for the long run. While purchasing an existing home saves time and may initially cost less, custom building allows greater control over lifetime housing expenses. Methodical homeowners who invest effort into constructing highly energy-efficient residences often leverage substantial lifecycle savings which offset higher upfront costs over decades of occupancy.


To construct a new single-family house in Wyoming, anticipated costs average around $109 per square foot of living space. So for a relatively typical 2,000 square foot residence, you can expect to invest $218,000 or more factoring additional expenses beyond the raw build price. However, total price tags fluctuate substantially based on the specific location chosen, property attributes, level of customization, construction materials used, labor rates in the region, and overall scope from around $200,000 on the low end to $400,000 for high-end luxury homes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the average cost of a house in Wyoming?

The average cost to build a 2,000 square foot house in Wyoming is around $218,000. Total budgets range from $200,000 on the low end to $400,000 on the high end.

How much does it cost to build a 1500 sq ft house in Wyoming?

Based on average building costs of $109 per square foot, a 1,500 square foot house in Wyoming would cost around $163,500 to construct.

How much does it cost to build a 2000 sq ft house in Wyoming?

At $109 per square foot, you can expect to pay about $218,000 to build a 2,000 square foot home in Wyoming.

How much does it cost to build a 3000 sq ft house in Wyoming?

For a large 3,000 square foot home, estimated building costs come out to around $327,000 in Wyoming when using the $109 average per square foot construction cost.

Can I build my own house in Wyoming?

Yes, you can build your own home in Wyoming as an owner-builder. Permits are required and you must adhere to state building codes. Some construction experience is highly recommended.

How much does it cost to build a cabin in Wyoming?

Basic cabins in Wyoming can be built for $100-$150 per square foot. So a cozy 800 square foot cabin would cost approximately $80,000 to $120,000 to construct. Luxury cabins are $200+ per square foot.

Is Wyoming expensive to live in?

Wyoming is moderately expensive overall. Housing and utilities cost less than the national average but groceries and healthcare carry premium price tags. The lack of state income tax helps offset some higher costs.

What is a livable salary in Wyoming?

Given average statewide rents and a moderate standard of living, you would need to earn at least $40,000 per year individually or $70,000 for a family to live comfortably in Wyoming.

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