Cost to Build a House in Nebraska: Total Calculation for 2024

In Nebraska, building a new house on average costs approximately $105 per square foot. A typical 2,000 square foot home would then run around $210,000. Total price to construct can range $200,000 to $550,000 depending on factors like location, property details, labour, and materials. The full build process usually spans 9-12 months.

Key Takeaways

  • The average cost to build a house in Nebraska is $105 per square foot
  • Cost per square foot approximately ranges from $100 to $200
  • A 2,000 square foot home will cost around $210,000 to build
  • Overall costs range $200,000 to $550,000
  • Factors like location, property type, materials and finishes determine overall price
  • Construction takes 9-12 months from start to finish

The Average Home Building Cost in Nebraska

The average cost of building a house in Nebraska is approximately $105.45 per square foot. Based on this rate, constructing a typical 2,000 square foot home would come out to around $210,900. However, total prices can range from $200,000 on the low-end to $550,000 plus on the high-end, varying due to factors such as location within the state, property type, labor expenses for trades workers, fluctuating material costs, and additional custom features or upgrades.

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Average Cost Based On Square Footage in Nebraska

Square FootageAverage Cost Ranges
500 sq ft$52,500 – $100,000
1000 sq ft$105,000 – $200,000
1500 sq ft$157,500 – $300,000
2000 sq ft$210,000 – $400,000
2500 sq ft$262,500 – $500,000
3000 sq ft$315,000 – $600,000
3500 sq ft$367,500 – $700,000
4000 sq ft$420,000 – $800,000
4500 sq ft$472,500 – $900,000
5000 sq ft$525,000 – $1,000,000

Average Cost to Build a House in Nebraska by City (Estimate)

CityAverage Cost per Square Foot
Grand Island$110
North Platte$95

Estimated Cost to Build a Home in Nebraska by Number of Bedrooms

BedroomsAverage Square FootageAverage Cost
11,000 – 1,200 sq ft$105,000 – $144,000
21,200 – 1,500 sq ft$126,000 – $195,000
31,500 – 1,800 sq ft$157,500 – $234,000
41,800 – 2,200 sq ft$198,000 – $286,000
5+2,200+ sq ft$231,000+

Estimated Cost to Build a Home in Nebraska by Number of Stories

Square FootageSingle StoryTwo Story
1000 sq ft$105,000 – $132,000$115,500 – $145,200
2000 sq ft$210,000 – $264,000$231,000 – $286,000
3000 sq ft$315,000 – $396,000$346,500 – $429,000
4000 sq ft$420,000 – $528,000$462,000 – $572,000
5000 sq ft$525,000 – $660,000$577,500 – $715,000

Exploring Diverse House Building Costs Across US

StateAverage Amount
New York$360,180
North Carolina$301,500

Breakdown of New House Construction Costs

The major costs that factor into building a new single-family home in Nebraska include:

  • Land Costs – This includes purchasing the lot or land plot for your home to be situated on. Typical lot prices range from $15,000 to $200,000+. Land usually represents 10-25% of the total build budget.
  • Material Expenses – All the physical construction materials from concrete and lumber to finishing touches like cabinets and lighting. Materials usually account for about 40-50% of total costs.
  • Labour Fees – What you pay general contractors, specialised tradespeople (electricians, plumbers etc), architects and construction supervisors. Labour averages 15-25% of costs.
  • Soft Costs – Building permits, design plans, inspections, financing charges, warranty fees and more. Soft costs run 10-15% on average.
  • Contingency Funds – Extra buffer set aside for unexpected overages, delays, changes in pricing for materials and labour during the building process. Smart to budget at least 10%.

In total if you tally the above cost buckets for a $250,000 home, the breakdown looks approximately like:

  • Land: $40,000
  • Materials: $120,000
  • Labour: $50,000
  • Soft Costs: $25,000
  • Contingency: $15,000

Getting detailed line item estimates from builders on all these areas before starting construction allows you to best manage total spend versus your budget.

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Key Factors Impacting Cost

The main factors that influence cost to build a house in Nebraska include:

  • Location – Prices are higher in urban areas and lower in rural areas. Cost of land also varies greatly.
  • Property Type – Production homes cost less than custom homes. Multi-family homes cost less per unit than single-family.
  • Materials – High-end finishes, features and building materials increase costs.
  • Labor – Construction labor shortages lead to higher labor costs. Union labor also costs more.
  • Permits/Fees – Development fees, impact fees, permits and utility connection fees add to cost.
  • Contractor – Working with a general contractor vs serving as owner-builder impacts costs.
  • Special Features – Amenities like pools, outdoor kitchens and home automation systems add cost.

How to Save on Costs

If your budget is more limited, there are ways to construct a home in Nebraska for less:

  • Opt for a small to moderately sized floor plan under 2,000 square feet
  • Build in a rural location or small town where land and construction costs less
  • Work with a production builder rather than custom home designer
  • Stick to a simple rectangular layout without many corners or complex rooflines
  • Finish the interior yourself to save on labor fees
  • Use more affordable building materials and finishes
  • Forgo expensive luxury features like media rooms or outdoor kitchens

Incorporating some of these cost-saving tactics, you may be able to build a decent-sized home for $150,000 to $200,000 rather than $250,000+. However, you’ll need to weigh how much square footage or which amenities you’re willing to sacrifice. Creating a reasonable budget and priorities from the start can help guide cost decisions.

How Long Does It Take to Build a House in Nebraska

The entire construction process typically takes 9-12 months in Nebraska

  • Planning and design phase ranges from 2-4 weeks
  • Obtaining permits and preparing the site takes 4-8 weeks
  • Framing and roofing the structure takes 6-10 weeks
  • Installing systems like electrical and HVAC takes 4-6 weeks
  • Hanging drywall and insulation lasts around 3-5 weeks
  • Interior and exterior finishing can take 4-8 weeks
  • Final inspections and contractor punch list is 1-2 weeks

Total construction timeline is typically 9-12 months

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House Building Financing Options for Nebraska

  • Construction Loans – Offered by banks and credit unions specifically to fund building costs. Typically convert to a traditional mortgage after completing the house.
  • Mortgages – Many lenders finance house construction by rolling build costs into your main mortgage loan amount. Usually require higher down payment.
  • Personal Loans – Can leverage home equity lines of credit if you have sufficient existing equity assets to tap into. Also 401K loans are possible.
  • Cash/Savings – Fully or partially self-funding the build costs avoids paying interest and fees but requires substantial liquid reserves.
  • Investors/Partners – Bringing in private financing partners spreads risk and capital requirements but reduces full ownership stake.
  • Contractor Financing – Some builders offer in-house financing for a portion of total build costs but terms are not always ideal.

Shopping multiple lenders on rates/terms and consulting professionals on tax implications helps assure you choose affordable, sustainable financing.

Contractor vs Owner-Builder

Home builders in Nebraska have a choice whether to work with a general contractor /builder to construct their home or serve as owner-builder and coordinate the home building process themselves.

General Contractor

  • Easiest option but increased cost
  • Handle all permitting, construction, supervision
  • Charge 15-25% margin on build costs


  • Coordinate all vendors/trades yourself
  • Requires heavy involvement but costs less
  • Allows flexibility to negotiate pricing

As one might expect, paying a general contracting firm to manage the entire build process from start to finish costs substantially more than an owner-builder tackling those responsibilities themselves. However, contractors simplify the complex home building process through their experience and expertise. This convenience comes at a premium.

Benefits of Building Your Own Home in Nebraska

  • Customization – Design home tailored to your family’s needs and personal style
  • Cost Efficiency – Building is often cheaper than buying existing home in the state
  • Equity & Value – Get more house for the money and build instant equity
  • Quality Materials – Oversee and select construction methods and materials used
  • Flexible Timeline – Take more time decision making on items like finishes
  • Ideal Location – Choose the perfect neighbourhood or acreage to call home
  • Energy Efficient – Incorporate latest insulation, appliances for utility savings
  • Smart Technology – Install cutting-edge automated and security features
  • Personal Pride – Feel accomplishment and enjoyment from homebuilding process

Building vs. Buying a House: Key Differences

Here are some key differences between building a new house versus buying an existing home:


  • Customizable design & layout
  • Choose location, property, views
  • Higher upfront costs but instant equity
  • Newer systems & greater efficiency
  • Personalise finishes like floors, fixtures
  • longer 9-12 month timeline

Buying Existing

  • No need for construction financing
  • Buy faster and move in quicker
  • Requires compromise on condition
  • Often inherit older kitchens, baths
  • Savings on some closing costs
  • Unknown history and maintenance

Main Tradeoffs:

Building takes more effort and waiting but aligns better long term if plan to stay put. Buying an existing home costs less up front but may require quicker renovations and lack financial return on upgrades.

Is It Cheaper to Build a House in Nebraska

Yes, it is generally cheaper to build a new home in Nebraska compared to the national average and other states. Construction costs, property prices, labour expenses and permitting/utility fees all tend to be lower than similar sized metro areas in other parts of the country. You can expect to pay around $100 to $200 per square foot in Nebraska towns versus upwards of $150 to $400 per square foot in regions like California or the Northeast. So building a brand new house in Nebraska remains a very affordable option.

The Bottom Line

Building a new home in Nebraska on average costs $105 per square foot. So a common 2,000 square foot house runs about $210,000. Overall price ranges $200,000 to $550,000 depending on custom designs, high-end finishes, property type, and location. From initial planning to move-in ready takes 9-12 months for construction and final touches to complete your ideal Nebraska home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does the average house cost in Nebraska?

The average home price in Nebraska is about $105 per square foot. So a 2,000 square foot house costs $210,000 to build However, building a new construction home averages $200,000-$500,000 plus.

How much does it cost to build a 1500 sq ft house in Nebraska?

With the average cost to build in Nebraska at $105 per square foot, constructing a 1,500 square foot home will cost approximately $157,500 before land and other expenses.

How much does it cost to build a 2000 sq ft house in Nebraska?

Since the average is $105 per square foot, you can expect to pay about $210,000 to build a 2,000 square foot house in Nebraska, not including land, fees, etc.

How much does it cost to build a 3000 sq ft house in Nebraska?

For a larger 3,000 square foot home, at the $105 per square foot average rate you would spend around $315,000 for construction costs alone. Total budget with land and furnishings would likely top $400,000.

What is the cheapest state to build a house in?

Some of the most affordable states for new home construction include Mississippi, Michigan, Indiana and Arkansas based on lower land prices and construction labor costs. Nebraska remains below national averages too.

How much does it cost to build a 2000 sq ft house in Montana?

Building a house on average costs approximately $149 per square foot in Montana. For a 2,000 square foot home it would cost around $298,000. 

Is it cheaper to build or buy a house in Nebraska?

It’s often cheaper to build rather than buy an equivalent existing home in Nebraska since you can customize to fit your budget. Plus construction costs and land remain very affordable compared to other regions.

What is a good salary in Nebraska?

“Good” salary is subjective and depends on factors like lifestyle, family size, and desired location. Nebraska’s median household income is around $68,000, while a living wage for a family of four in Lincoln is estimated at $79,000. Remember, salary needs vary based on individual circumstances.

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